Benefits of Participation

    For Surgeons

    • Allows providers to improve patient care and manage patient populations by easily tracking and retrieving:
      • Surgical volume
      • Patient characteristics
      • Objective and subjective outcomes
      • Patient-reported outcomes
      • Adverse events and rare patient events
      • Compare to national benchmarking data
    • Benchmark your practice
      • Use PFDR specific data to compare to the performance and outcomes data of your practice to other practices
      • The Pelvic Floor Disorders Registry has now been approved to meet MOC Part IV Improvement in Medical Practice requirements for 2016 & 2017

    For Researchers

    • Identify modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors associated with complications and reduced effectiveness of PFD treatments
    • Capture comprehensive data that includes those elements required by the FDA’s requirement for postmarketing surveillance of transvaginal mesh use for POP
    • Function as resource for additional PFD research, whereby stakeholders and participants may propose and conduct analyses of registry data

    For Patients

    • Improve the quality of life of women with pelvic floor disorders by improving the effectiveness and safety associated with various surgical and non-surgical treatments



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